Chances are, you begin each day and night applying moisturizers, makeup or simply adjusting your look before stepping out the door. With cosmetics and accessories spread across the bedroom, bathroom and elsewhere, mornings can become much more hectic than they need to be. If this sounds like your daily routine, you should invest in a comfortable environment for keeping your accessories nice and tidy.

Need help setting up the perfect vanity space? We’ll get you started by pointing out the essential building blocks to a good, personal vanity.

1) Pick the Right Vanity
The vanity you pick will have a huge effect on the overall look and feel of the space. It also says a lot about you: do you want a cooler, minimal style? Perhaps you want a vanity that’s fit for a princess? Do you favour modern or vintage styles? Consider all this when shopping for the perfect vanity.

Whatever your preferences, one thing is key: pick a vanity that has a surface you can easily clean. Makeup can get messy sometimes! This means you may favour a sleeker surface over a wooden one, but if you’re dead-set on a tougher surface, simply cover with a glass top.

2) Take a Seat
A good vanity needs a comfy chair. A small accent chair is a good option, but make sure it’s plush, stylish and feels good to sit in.

3) Lights, Camera, Action
One you’ve set the stage, give yourself something to look at! Every vanity needs one big mirror to get a clear look at your face. When touching up each day, you’ll want to assess your look from multiple angles. This is why smaller vanity mirrors are important in addition to your main one. 

Finally, lighting is key. You need a good mix of natural and artificial light to ensure you can assess the colours of your daily look. Ensure your vanity is near a window for ample sunlight.

4) A Place for Everything
Your vanity isn’t just a place to do your makeup: it’s where all your cosmetics and accessories call home. If the vanity itself doesn’t have drawers for storage, you’ll want to get some tools for organizing. This acrylic cosmetic organizer is large and able to store a variety of makeup you’ll use each day. Don’t forget to find a place for cotton balls and swabs too!

Accessories need some love, too. Stowe away your favourite jewelry in a jewelry box. Its compartments and drawers will help you keep everything organized. If you wear glasses, find a fun way to put them on display when not wearing, like with this Leon nose glasses holder.

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