If you’ve got a busy life and are on the go a lot you need a portable blender. It can go with you to work, to the gym, or just about anywhere. Just fill it up, blend and drink it could not be easier. Our portable blender (available in red & blue) is powered by a magnetic USB which means you’ll never be without it. Wondering how to incorporate a portable blender into your life? We've got some ideas + watch the video to see how it works:

Make Breakfast For Work
No time for breakfast? Don’t sweat it. Just add your ingredients to the portable blender and take it with you. Blend it up when you get to work and enjoy a nutritious, delicious smoothie with minimal clean-up. You can even pre-prep your ingredients the night before and stick it in the fridge to grab and go bright and early. 

Pop In a Protein Shake
Enjoy a fresh shake or smoothie before, during, or after your workout. Not only will it let you customize your drink by adding whatever you want, but you’ll save money by skipping the smoothie bar. Use it to mix protein powders to make delicious and nutritious fruit smoothies, whenever you need a boost!

Make Something For the Kids
Cranky kids can quickly ruin an outing, and sometimes you want to give them something healthy to snack on. Make sure you’re never without a tasty treat by popping in fresh fruits and veggies to make a puree for the baby or even a smoothie for the older kids. If they're not into fruit smoothie, opt for a delicious chocolate milk! 

Enjoy the Great Outdoors
When hiking, biking, or camping you often become limited on the foods you can make outside. Skip the granola bars and opt instead for a fresh smoothie. If you’ll be out and about for a while, try pre portioning smoothie ingredients in reusable bags and putting them in the cooler along with the liquid of your choice until you’re ready to blend. 

Bring it Along on the Road
If you’re traveling, you might be sick of fast food or just not want to spend the money to dine out. Hit the grocery store and grab some fruits and veggies to make a smoothie right in your car or hotel room!

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