When the time comes to move homes, you are going to have to think about how to pack your glasses. They are one of the most fragile items in the home and so they will have to be packed and moved with careful consideration.

Preparing the Box
The box that you are packing your glasses into will need to be protected. So, you will need to place crumpled newspaper on the bottom of the box to act as a form of cushioning.

Wrapping the Glass
To begin, you will need to wrap and pack the largest and heaviest glasses first as they will be placed on the bottom of the box. Begin by placing your glass flat and lay it at the corner of your paper (or bubble wrap) and begin rolling it. As you roll it, stuff the paper into the glass opening until the entire glass is covered.

Boxing the Glasses
With the glasses wrapped up, they need to be placed carefully into the box. The aim is to make sure that they are packaged tight enough so they cannot move or roll around during transit. However, you also want to make sure that they are not packed too tightly as the pressure could cause them to crack.

Finally, you will need to make sure that there is space left at the top so that you can add more crumpled paper to create a cushion. At this point, you are now ready to seal up the box and wish your glasses a safe journey!