Halloween is the perfect occasion to unleash your imagination in the kitchen and whip up some devilishly good desserts. With all the spooky sweets to choose from, and so many ways to decorate, you can create the perfect treat sure to delight—or terrify! The only trick will be waiting for the ghouls and goblins to arrive before you dig in. Here are 8 Halloween desserts anyone can make:

1) Meringue Bones
With just two ingredients—egg whites and sugar—meringues are a simple sweet that can take any shape with the right equipment. In this recipe, the white meringue is transformed into bones with a piping bag and ½-inch tip, which also works for making skulls and ghosts. Get the recipe here.
Halloween Desserts

2) Finger Cookies
Squeamish eaters may hesitate before taking a bite out of these finger-shaped cookies but, despite their grotesque appearance, they’re very similar to shortbread. After forming the finger shape, the cookies are topped off with an almond finger nail and some blood in the form of red gel food colouring. Get the recipe here.
Halloween Desserts

3) Strawberry Ghosts
Fresh strawberries and white chocolate combine to make a sweet bite with no baking required. Simply dip the strawberries in melted white chocolate mixed with a little almond extract and shortening, then make a spooky face with melted semi-sweet chocolate. Get the recipe here.
Halloween Desserts
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4) Mini Pumpkin Cakes
For the faint of heart, these adorable little pumpkin cakes, made in mini Bundt pans, can be a lovely festive dessert. For those who prefer a frightful pumpkin, simply frost the cakes in orange icing and use black icing or candy to create that creepy jack o’ lantern grin. Get the recipe here.

5) Spider Web Whoopie Pies
Cobweb confections top these adorable chocolate fudge whoopie pies, with a fake plastic spider for that extra Halloween feel. The filling is orange in colour and in taste with a little orange extract. If you don’t have any on hand, or prefer a different flavour, pair vanilla extract with orange food colouring instead. Get the recipe here.
Halloween Desserts

6) Eye-Popping Cake Pops
The perfect shape for dipping in chocolate and decorating, cake pops are perhaps the ideal canvas for a Halloween design. This recipe turns them into eyeballs, but provides how-to’s on creating bats, bugs, witches, jack o’ lanterns and more. Save some time and effort by using a mould like our Silicone Cake Pop Mould. Get the recipe here.
Halloween Desserts

7) Piñata Pumpkin Cake
Our special cake pan allows you to bake a hallow center cake. Once it's cool, fill the center cavity with assorted candies or chocolates and 'glue' the halves shut with frosting.

Halloween Desserts

8) Ricardo 3D Pumpkin and Ghost Cookie Cutters
Use these cookies cutters to create pumpkins and ghosts. Have fun decorating with icing!

Halloween Desserts


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