Looking for new ways to fuel your kids this summer? We suggest trying one of these kid-friendly summer snack recipes to feed the whole family.

1. Fruit Popsicles
This is possibly the easiest summer snack to help your little ones cool down. It requires fruit purée of your choosing, some sugar (optional), and time in the freezer. You can purchase ready-made purée or opt to make it at home with fresh fruit and a blender. Shop our popsicle moulds and get the recipe.

2. Nut-Free Granola Bars
This healthy granola bar makes for a great opportunity to have your kids help in the kitchen. They’ll love mixing everything together and shaping them onto the pan just as much as they’ll love eating them! Shop our silicone confetti mini bar pan and get the recipe.

3. Sweet and Salty Party Mix
A perfect grab-and-go snack, this trail-mix is a great option for the summer. No need to buy this from the store when you have the perfect recipe at home! Keep them handy in our reusable Stasher snack bag and get the recipe.

4. Sheet-Pan Muffin Trio
If you have kids with different pallets, this triple-flavour snack might be for you. You get three different muffins without triple the work. It’s a win-win-win situation! Get the recipe.

5. Strawberry Vanilla Ice Pops
For a slightly more advanced popsicle treat, you can try out this strawberry vanilla ice pop. It’s a sweet combination to beat the heat, while using fresh fruit. Shop our popsicle moulds and get the recipe.

6. Chewy Rice Krispies Bars
This recipe is a fun twist on the traditional rice krispies squares, filling it with yummy items like mixed nuts and dried fruit. Don’t worry, there are still marshmallows! Shop our silicone confetti mini bar pan and get the recipe.

7. YOP-Style Yogurt and Fruit Drink
If your kid normally goes through a ton of yogurt drinks, you can actually make your own! Try out this recipe for a homemade yogurt drink where you can choose the flavour. Get the recipe.

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