With the arrival of cooler nights also comes the need to adapt the bed to the new season so you can continue to enjoy restful sleep. Stay warm this season by following these five steps to create a cozy, inviting room where you can retreat and sleep soundly through the winter.

1) Slip into some nice sheets (literally)
Our flannel sheets are a seasonal favorite, especially for the cold weather crowd. Fluffy and plush, they're ideal for getting through the winter without the cold. If you find it easy to stay warm in your bed even in winter, opt for four-season sheets like the bamboo ones. Both breathable and silky, they'll keep you soft and comfortable all year long!

2) Get a Weighted Blanket
Designed to feel like a hug, weighted blankets promote deep, uninterrupted sleep by comforting you and making you feel safe. They make great holiday gifts and are perfect for lounging around the house.
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3) Invest in your Comforter
By investing in the perfect comforter, you'll enjoy its benefits all year long. Make your snooze a warm and cozy experience by checking out our down comforters. You'll love the breathability, loft and insulation to keep you warm this winter. If you suffer from allergies, you can turn to synthetic comforters, known for their hypoallergenic properties. You'll feel like you're sleeping on a cloud!

4) Time for New Pillows
It's best to avoid keeping pillows too long, even with regular cleaning, they accumulate dust mites. And what better time than winter to get a new pillow! Whether you prefer luxurious down, a hypoallergenic alternative or memory foam, replacing your current pillow will give you a good night's sleep.

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5) Time for Layers!

Cushions, quilts, throws and blankets don't just keep us warm; their textures and colors make them the perfect decorative elements to maximize comfort. Don't be afraid to layer them to create a cozy winter haven to snuggle up in. You can always remove a few layers if you get too warm.

If you want the best in bedding, whether you're looking for a mattress, sheets, pillows or blankets, you'll find what you need at LinenChest.com. Sweet Dreams!