Moving can be a huge pain, but there are some ways to make it easier! Here are a few packing and moving hacks that will help your moving process go a little bit smoother.

1) Use Space You’ve Already Got When Packing Up Drawers
Ever found yourself removing things from drawers just to put them into a box and then do the whole thing in reverse when you unpack? Skip that. Take the drawers out of dressers and cabinets for easy hauling and then put them right back in. If you have breakables that might move around, try adding padding with newspaper, bubble wrap, or even clothing and towels. 

2) Avoid Extra Work by Packing Hanging Clothes
No need to take your clothes off the hanger when moving. Take a trash bag and cut a slit in the bottom. Then put it upside down like a garment bag around a section of hangers. Bring the bag all the way to the bottom of your clothes and tie it up. Now you can easily transport clothing and it won’t get dirty. If something falls off the hanger it will fall into the tied bag. When you get to your new home just hang them up and take off the bags!

3) Save Money by Packing Sustainably 
Moving can be costly, but you can actually save some money by being a little more sustainable. Here are a few things to try that can help your wallet and the environment. 

  • Get free/cheap cardboard boxes from grocery stores or local buy/sell pages. You can reuse the boxes used by the store or by another person who moved and then recycles them, leading to less waste.
  • Pack fragile objects in clothing, towels, sheets, and newspaper to keep them safe. Avoid using things like bubble wrap to both save money and the environment. 
  • Recycle, upcycle, sell or donate items you don’t need before you move. Not only will this save you money because you won’t be packing and moving unwanted items, but it’s a great way to declutter. Plus you could make some cash from selling your stuff!

4) Keep Things Organized by Labeling Your Boxes
Labeling your boxes is a huge time saver. Not only will it help you when unloading your moving truck, but it will help you when you’re unpacking and looking for specific items. Label each box with the specific room it goes in and a brief list of the contents. Also, be sure to label boxes that are fragile or can’t have heavy things stacked on top of them.