Are you looking for ideas to celebrate Father’s Day with kids? Search no more, at  Linen Chest we have got you covered! We have curated 16 fun family activities for an unforgettable Father’s Day.

Outdoors Fun 

1. Have a picnic at home or at the park

Gather your supplies (dad’s favourite foods and snacks) and have a fun picnic in the backyard or at the park together.

2. Have a water balloon fight 

Embrace your inner child and have a water balloon fight in the yard.

3. Fly a kite 

If it’s a windy day you can head outdoors to fly a kite.

4. Play in the sprinklers 

How about a good old fun water balloon fight with dad? Turn on the sprinklers and play water games that will refresh you and will guarantee a lot of family fun.

5. Plant a garden  

Get your kids involved with planting a garden or some flowers. No room outdoors? Try an indoor planter box.

6. Draw on the sidewalk with chalk

Take out the sidewalk chalk and get creative, you can decorate your sidewalk for all the neighbours to see, draw something nice for dad or have a sidewalk drawing contest.

Get Creative with Fun Arts & Crafts

7. Put on a puppet show 

Make or buy puppets and put on a puppet show with the kids.

8. Make a scrapbook 

Create memories you can keep forever with a scrapbook.

9. Do an arts and crafts project 

Painting, drawing, and paper crafts are all fun ways to get the kid's creative juices flowing. Draw dad’s portrait or craft something nice that he can keep when it’s done. 

10. Make or buy a bird feeder and birdwatch 

Is your dad a bird lover? Or are there a lot of different types of birds around your house? Attract local birds with a bird feeder outside your window and observe them at a closer distance.

11. Paint rocks 

Get creative and paint some small rocks with pretty pictures and inspirational sayings. Then hide them around the house for your dad to find. 

Fun Cooking Activities for the Family

12. Make homemade popsicles 

Gather your favourite fruit juices for homemade popsicles

13. Make ice cream 

Get out your ice cream maker and whip up some delicious summer flavours.

14. Have a themed dinner and teach them to cook 

If your kids are old enough to learn how to cook, teach them with a fun themed dinner.

Celebrate with a Family Night at Home

15. Do a puzzle together 

Put your thinking caps on and try to complete a puzzle as a family. 

16. Have a movie night with homemade popcorn 

Whip out the popcorn maker, grab the candy, and have an at-home movie night.