Smart Automatic Window Shades & Blinds

A window with light-filtering, ivory fabric smart blinds. The horizontal blinds can be operated by a remote control

PowerView® Smart,
Automated Blinds

PowerView® Smart Motorization is an automated system that takes traditional window treatments to a whole new level. This innovative system allows users to schedule and control their shades through a dedicated app, even from a distance. It even responds to voice commands when paired with compatible smart home systems via the Gateway hub.

This system enables users to create customizable scenes that adjust the shades based on specific criteria such as time of day, sunlight intensity and even room occupancy, offering a dynamic solution that enhances comfort, privacy, and energy efficiency.

Blinds That Work on Your Schedule

One of the most sought-after features of PowerView® Automation is its scheduling capability. It allows you to program your shades to adjust automatically to your preferred positions at various times throughout the day. For example, shades can open gently in the morning to welcome the first light of day, close during the hottest part of the afternoon to keep interiors cool, and then open again in the evening to capture a sunset view or close for privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions