Summer is a time of fun and wanderlust: a time for vacations, adventures with friends and soaking up the sun in exotic locales. While vacations are relaxing, preparing for them can be a little stressful—especially when it comes to making sure you’ve packed everything you need.

But making a list of your summer trip essentials can be fun, too! Choosing the items you think you’ll need lets you fantasize and make mental notes of exactly what you want to do at your destination. When planning your next summer getaway, consider taking some of these supplies with you.

For the Trip
There’s no better place to begin talking about travel essentials than bags and luggage. For jet-setters who want to make use of space in a smart way, look no further than this wheeled underseat bag. It’s roomy enough to hold all your travel needs but—and this is the brilliant part—it’s compact enough to slip under most airplane seats.

When you’ve reached your destination, you’ll need a tried and true everyday carry bag to tote your accessories and new souvenirs. The David Jones tote bag comes in attractive colours and is rather durable; thanks to its magnetic top closure and inside zippered pouch, it’ll keep even the most adventurous traveler’s belongings safe. Pair it with a stylish passport and cellphone case  and you’re good to go.

Let’s not forget, though, how noisy airplanes and trains can be. For those long, arduous trips, indulge yourself in good music pumped through these luxurious wired earmuffs from UGG.

For Eating On-the-Go
One of the biggest expenses when travelling is dining. While it’s great to eat the local cuisine while on vacation, sometimes you’ll want to pack your own lunch—perhaps to enjoy in a city park or on the beach.

The Neoprene lunch bag makes it easy to toss in your culinary favorites and take them with you. If you love a good salad, pack it in this Fuel on-the-go salad set to keep it crisp until it’s ready to eat. Whether you want to eat something hot or cold, insulate your meal in a cooler like this Ricardo insulated bag. It’s easy to pack and carry, making it perfect for quick outings with friends. If you’re carrying beverages, don’t forget a small bottle opener!

For Living
There are a couple smaller essentials you won’t want to forget on your trip. First, make sure you pack some good slippers—we recommend these Birche slippers by Ugg—which can provide a huge comfort boost on planes, trains and in the hotel room. Speaking of the hotel room, have a travel iron stowed away if you’re travelling for business; this Rowenta first-class travel iron will ensure you’re looking sharp and wrinkle-free at your next networking event.

Finally, you might want to carry a travel diary with you. This travel companion is perfect for keeping memories of your journey and writing down important notes (travel info, important addresses, etc.). It’s time to write your story… so get out there and begin your journey!

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