Throwing the perfect dinner party involves a lot of time and preparation, the amount of work that goes into a fabulous evening can sometimes go unnoticed. It's always a good idea to show gratitude to your hostess when you attend a dinner or cocktail party. You should never arrive empty handed and although the typical bottle of wine is a nice gesture, it's always a nice surprise to bring something a little more thoughtful. The hard part? Finding the perfect gift, it can often be a challenge so here are some great hostess gift ideas that are sure to leave a lasting impression:
Hostess Gift
1. Kate Spade Porcelain Ring Holder - A lovely gift for the fashionista or home decorating enthusiast. This adorable ring holder is the perfect addition to any stylish woman's bedside table. Available here.

2. Kate Spade Mugs - These mugs are adorable and make for a great surprise. To give them a special touch you can wrap them with hot chocolate mix and marshmallows or a nice gourmet coffee. Available here and here.

3. Sienna Cheese Board and Server Set - If your hostess is often throwing dinner parties then it's a great idea to bring a gorgeous serving board for future entertaining. If you'd like to go the extra mile you can package it nicely with two nice pieces of cheese and a fig compote. Available here.

4. Kate Spade Bar Set - It's perfectly acceptable to bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party but if you are looking to wow your hostess adding this bar set will make a lasting impression. Tie them around the neck of the bottle to stand out from the rest.
Available here.

5. Mini Potted Thyme Plant - A decorative potted herb is a great gift choice if you are buying for the aspiring chef. Greenery in the kitchen always makes for lovely decor and this plant does the trick. Available here.

6. Set of Wine Charms - Again, if you are planning on bringing wine why not add a personal touch? These charms are a fun way to differentiate guests wine glasses and they are a thoughtful addition to gifted bottle of wine. Available here.

7. Stainless Steel Ice Cubes - Looking to bring a gift that's unique? These stainless steel ice cubes are sure to be a hit! Unlike regular ice cubes, these don't dilute your cocktail or change the flavour and they are reusable. Available here.