It seems that the warm weather is finally here to stay, and with that we're feeling like windows need to be opened to let that fresh air in! Spring cleaning used to be something we thought our mothers made up to get us to actually clean our rooms as kids, but now, as a homeowners, we get it. It's a chance to say goodbye to Old Man Winter and start fresh. Today, we're sharing 3 places that you can definitely tackle this Spring to help your house (and yourself) feel fresh and clean.

How much more would you love your pantry if it looked like this? We can tell you one thing, we'd open up the pantry door just to look in and smile with pride! To help you get there, consider looking for woven baskets (that will help things like potatoes breathe) and ceramic or clear containers to keep bulk items out of hidden away bags and in more visible places. If you're looking for some pantry inspiration, don't miss our 20 Pretty Pantries post.

Basket Collection
4 Piece Ceramic Jar Set
Set of 3 Clear Storage Jars

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Rain boots, umbrellas, jackets, and mud - all things that inevitably will end up in the entryway of your home if you live in a normal household! A more organized space like this will definitely help you enjoy walking into your home a little more. To help get this much cleaner look, search for hooks and containers to control the mess! On a side note, if you'd looking for a new umbrella, check out our Stylish Umbrellas.Entry

- Flip Hook Collection (4 colours)
- Flapper Coat Rack
- White Cubby Wall Organizer
- Zig Zag Umbrella Stand

Spring means it's time to freshen up your beauty routine. Colourful painted toes and lighter makeup means you'll want to get rid of the old and make room for the new. With all those tiny bottles around, it could create a real clutter around your bathroom. Look for clear containers to help you get organized and to fight sifting through drawers full of everything! Plus, it's much nicer to have something like this to deal with in the mornings, right?
- Makeup Organizer with Mirror
- Large 3 Compartment Beauty Organizer

Now it's time to get to work! Trust us, you'll feel much better once you make these small changes to your home. Happy Organizing!