Summer is the perfect time for cocktails, lemonade, and cold beverages. Instead of using run of the mill cocktail stirrers, why not whip up these colourful ones instead? They’re a perfect way to use up scraps of tissue paper or coloured cellophane that you’ve been holding onto. If you’re hosting a themed party or shower, use colours to match your scheme. (If cocktail stirrers aren’t needed for your drinks - replace the skewers with straws!)

What You'll Need:
- Transparent contact paper
- Tissue paper or coloured cellophane scraps
- Wooden skewers
- Scissors


  1. Cut your tissue paper or cellophane into small square confetti.
  2. Cut the contact paper into 1” by 4” rectangles; cut one rectangle for each cocktail stirrer.
  3. Peel the backing off the contact paper and place the rectangles sticky side up on your work surface. Sprinkle the confetti onto the contact paper.
  4. Place the end of the skewer in the centre of the rectangle.
  5. Carefully fold the rectangle over on itself.
  6. Smooth the contact paper and be sure that it had adhered to the wooden skewer.
  7. Don’t worry if you didn’t exactly line up the rectangle – trim off any overhanging edges of contact paper or confetti.
  8. Cut a triangle into the end of the rectangle if desired.
  9. Repeat for as many cocktail stirrers as needed.