We all have days when work is hectic – deadlines approaching, meetings stretching across an afternoon, emails requiring a considered response. Busy days are just a part of working life so it’s crucial to find ways take a step back when the pressure is on. That’s where a perfect coffee break comes in. A coffee break is an opportunity to have a moment of indulgence, to take a step back from the world around you and focus on the present enjoyment of the flavour and aroma of your coffee.

The perfect coffee moment can go even further if you are able to harness the power of taking some time to yourself. What we mean by that? Well, paying more attention to what’s going on around you at the present moment is the backbone of a strategy called mindfulness. Mindfulness is an awareness of how you feel and what you’re thinking – and it’s known to help people cope with stress and the hectic realities of modern life. The great thing about mindfulness is it can be practised by anyone, anywhere and without any cost.

Incorporating mindfulness into your day is as simple as applying the practices while enjoying your morning cup of coffee or any of your coffee breaks throughout the day. Here are some tips from the NHS on how to be more mindful:

1) Notice the everyday
While you’re enjoying your coffee, you should pay attention to the sensations and feelings that are part of that moment. How does it taste? How does it smell? How do you feel as you drink it? This awareness helps take you out of autopilot mode.

2) Keep it regular
Practice mindfulness during your regular coffee breaks to help you keep up the practice regularly.

3) Try something new
Mindfulness is about noticing the world in a new way so try something new, such as taking your coffee break away from your desk or getting some fresh air for a couple of minutes to help you refocus.

4) Free yourself from the past and future
Remember mindfulness is about the present. If you find yourself thinking about past issues or worrying about something coming up like a meeting, then perhaps it’s time for a coffee break and a chance to refocus your thoughts.

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