How to Style Your Home for Valentine’s DayWhile Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem to be the most exciting holiday to style your home for, we’re here to show you some enticing, fun ways to dress your home up for one of the sweetest days of the year! 

1. Play with Colour

Blushes, pinks and reds are quintessential Valentine’s Day, so don’t be afraid to use them! Swapping out some of your classic pieces around the house for the same item in Valentine colours can go a long way in creating a fun, festive ambience. Below are a couple of ideas you can experiment with!

2. Amp up the Romance Factor

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little romance? You can never go wrong with playing up the passion factor, and candles or flowers are a great way to do just that.

Add more candles throughout your space to create a soft, intimate and romantic vibe: dining room table, nightstand, or countertops are all excellent options to consider. You should also try to play with different candle heights, widths and displays – ie. in a glass jar, candle holder… the options are truly endless! For this particular holiday, The Amazing Flameless Candles and these Scissor Cut Hurricane Lamps simply exude classic romance.

Flowers and vases are another really wonderful way to spark romance! How gorgeous would a bouquet of long stem roses look in either the Nachtmann Quartz Vase or the more colourful Kate Spade Vase? Flowers can help give life to any space, so incorporate them into areas that require a bit more va-va-voom!


3. Keep it Whimsical 

Valentine’s Day is definitely one of the more playful holidays, so try and take advantage of that by incorporating a few whimsical touches here and there. This holiday is practically the one “decor hall pass” so to speak, which enables you to add as many fun, love-themed pieces to your home… and your beau is absolutely not allowed to make a single peep about it!

We’re thinking this Marque LED-Lighted Metal Heart or this Word Art by Torre And Tagus would make for the most perfect addition to your mantel, while these Pillow Talk Pillow Cases in “Love” are perfect for the bedroom! Love-themed accents will definitely add a fun punch to your Valentine home decor, but in our humble opinion.. they’re just too adorable for one day, we vote you leave them up for the whole year!