If you’re anything like me you get stuck in a yearly decorating rut between the first of the year and Springtime. My holiday decor has been put away but it's not yet time for my spring decor and I never know what to do. 

The house feels empty without the holiday lights but fresh flowers and soft pastels just don’t feel right. Here’s some tips I’ve learned to get through that time without feeling like your home is a blank canvas.

  1. Bring in winter colours - one of the best ways to transition from the rich colours of the holidays into the bright cheery spring colours is with neutrals. Opt for whites, silvers, icy blues and touches of gold. The brighter lighter colours will be a refreshing change from the seasons reds and greens will blend nicely into the next season. 
  2. Play up the greenery - flowers don’t always feel right in wintertime but greenery sure does. Keep fresh greenery in vases, on window sills and around doorways for a vibrant touch during the winter months. When spring comes start incorporating light flowers into your greenery. 
  3. Keep elements of winter - while it’s time to ditch the santas and reindeer, it’s nice to keep some elements of winter alive in your decor. Things like trees, icicles and snow are a great crossover. Be sure to incorporate them in subtle ways that don’t scream holiday, you just want a whisper of winter.
  4. Explore the light - with the holiday lights gone things might be feeling a little lacklustre. Try adding more candles and soft lighting to your decor to bring back that light and warmth that the glow of the tree brought. 
  5. Add pops of colour - the holiday colours are bright and cheery so it can feel odd going from that to just neutrals. Try adding in pops of a colour that matches your decor style to ease yourself into the cheerfulness of springtime. Things like holly and plump red berries can have a really nice winter touch and bring some colour. 

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