Few home features are as luxurious as a large master bathroom. Unfortunately, we aren’t all lucky enough to have one. While a cramped bathroom may seem like a limitation, it only takes a few simple changes to provide an illusion of extra space, making it appear much larger than it really is.

1) Simplify Your Colour Palette
Keeping a simple colour palette makes the bathroom look more cohesive and therefore less cluttered. And a less cluttered look provides the illusion of a larger space. You can simplify your colour palette by sticking to a single tone or colour. Avoid dramatic colour contrasts that divide up the space. You should also avoid patterned wallpaper—while it might look cute or fun, the busy look will make the space look cramped.

It’s also good to blend colours. If your ceiling is the same colour as the walls, for example, you’ll create the illusion of a higher ceiling. If you have tiles on the wall, blend them with the wall by keeping it all the same colour.

2) Embrace Natural Lighting
Bright, natural lighting makes a room feel cleaner and more open. If you shutter your windows or block with blackout curtains to maintain privacy, you’re doing it wrong! Instead, stick to a translucent shade or curtains you can draw when necessary. Alternatively, a stained-glass window lets light in while blocking the room from the view of those outside.

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3) Get a Big Mirror—Or Use Small Ones Strategically
A big vanity mirror immediately adds the illusion of depth and extra space, making it by far the simplest way to expand the look of the room. Of course, a mirror adds plenty of function too: it’ll better help you start the day with applying makeup, styling your hair and shaving.

Smaller mirrors can be used strategically in the room to add a sense of depth. Place them on walls to reflect natural light from the room’s window or even from adjacent rooms.

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4) Work on the Walls
If you have the budget, it can be useful to renovate to integrate furnishings into the walls. A floating vanity suspended makes a bathroom feel bigger by opening a bit of space above the floor. Shelves may be recessed into the walls to free up space and provide a sense of cohesion—in this case, they feel like parts of the wall rather than separate furnishings.

5) Ditch the Bathtub
Bathtubs unnecessarily take up bathroom space; a shower unit is more compact and cohesive with its surrounding. For example, ditching the shower curtain in favour of a glass panel unifies the overall space to make it appear much bigger. Tie this with our earlier tip on blending tile and wall colour, and you’ve got an open, airy bathroom that looks much bigger than it really is.