dorm room
Dorm room living is practically a rite of passage for every student that goes off to college or university. While it may seem fun to live away from home, there’s also the consequence of living in a space that is significantly smaller than what one may be used to and with restrictions as to how you may decorate. Typically hammers and nails are not welcomed in dorm rooms and unfortunately, neither are radical paint jobs. To help you make the best of a dorm room, we’ve come up with some ideas to make the dorm livable and comfortable.

1) Room and Closet Storage
Storage in the room and in the closet is hard to come by. It’s lucky to get a dresser with a few drawers or shelves in your closet. To give extra storage in the room, it’s best to bring in a few pieces that can interchange in the space they are put in. For example, storage boxes can be placed either in a closet, stacked in the corner of a room or under the bed. It’s also worth considering some over the door hangers to place over a closet or door to place some outfits, towels or jackets.

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2) Bedding
Choosing bedding for a dorm room adds a personal touch to the dorm space. The bedding can reflect your personality in many senses—from favourite colours to designs, travel or hobbies. A few basic cotton sheet sets will be a good idea, especially between laundry days (or when you’re simply too lazy to wash your first set). And don’t forget, pillows and throws can liven up your sleeping quarters, so don’t be afraid to add some.

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3) Desk Space
Ah, the desk space. Not that anybody wants to spend time at their desk, but it’s an inevitable place that any student will end up at, even if it’s three o’clock in the morning the day that a paper is due. Getting some storage, lighting and a garbage can (for all those chocolate wrappers and energy drinks) will make the space practical. For a bit of fun while studying, try adding a lively rug underneath or some tea mugs and figurines to the tabletop.

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