Beachy bathrooms have been popular for years, which means sometimes they can look outdated and kitschy. With a few updates and changes, the classic beach bathroom can be given a modern spin so it will look updated and fresh. We’ve also put together a mood board to help you envision your updated beach vibes bathroom, plus a few styling tips.

Go Easy on the Shells
When you’ve got a theme like “beach” it’s easy to over do it with the shells and the seahorses. Keep your shell items to minimum with a simple shell soap dish and maybe a shower curtain. Let the other pieces in the room do the talking for you. If you want to keep the beach vibes really low key, you can skip the shells all together and just use nautical colours and textures. 

Channel Beach Vibes with Color
You can have beach vibes without every surface screaming it. Opt for beach colours instead of beach patterns. White, sand and shades of blue are perfect for getting in the beachy mood. Metallic accents also look great in a beach themed bathroom. Choose silver or gold and then add small pops of it throughout with small decorative items. 

Add in Some Texture
Top things off with a little texture. Ridges and scallops are a great way to incorporate the beachy theme without feeling like things are overdone. Natural woods and metals also make great textures and help it have that natural beach feel. 

Just remember, less is more when it comes to bathrooms. They don’t need to be littered with trinkets just because they fit the theme. Add a nice piece of art and some plants (faux if you don’t have natural light) and let the room be simple and understated. 


  1. Yael Suspended Mirror
  2. Footed Drop Pot Planter
  3. Seas Painting
  4. Samba Bath Accessories Collection
  5. Destin Bath by Avanti Soap Dish & Shower Curtain
  6. South Beach Towel Collection
  7. St. Tropez Bath Rug
  8. Arabesque Candle Holder