Confidence isn’t something people are naturally gifted with; like anything else, it’s a series of learned behaviours that have to be practiced before becoming second-nature. A great time to introduce confidence-boosting strategies is in your morning routine. This is because your morning routine is the foundation for how you’ll spend the rest of the day. Ready to get your day started off right? Here are four big ways you can boost confidence and self-esteem each morning.

1) Wake Up on Time
Are you a slave to the snooze button? If so, you’re not doing yourself any favours. This is because you deprive yourself of a boost of morning energy, trading it instead for 5-10 minutes of low-quality sleep. But getting up earlier means accomplishing more in your day. Just think of how accomplished and confident you would feel if you completed a significant number of tasks by 10 or 11am. Need help getting a good night’s sleep? See our guide.

2) Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones
This tip sounds obvious and is easier said than done.  But we’ve got some good strategies that will help you kick negative thoughts to the curb for good. One easy way to get rid of pessimistic thoughts is to say some positive affirmations in the mirror. These are statements like “Others like and respect me” and “I will succeed.” It might seem cheesy at first, but positive self-affirmations are backed by science. It’s important, though, that you focus on personal strengths that you actually believe about yourself.

Another great way to focus on positivity is to keep a gratitude journal. Each morning—perhaps with a cup of coffee—take some time to write down a few things you’re grateful for.

3) Take on a Hobby or Learn Something New
You’ve followed tip one and made a habit of getting out of bed early—so what do you do with that extra time? Take on a new hobby, like a morning exercise routine! Exercise is a great habit because it gives you a sense of achievement while helping you improve your body, both of which contribute to a better sense of confidence. Not feeling that active? Try meditation instead, which can help you refocus on the most important things you hope to accomplish each day.

Don’t spend your commute scrolling through social media. This might make you compare your life to others or contribute to a major case of FOMO. Instead, spend that time reading news commentary or listening to a nonfiction audio book. By learning something new each day, you’re making yourself more interesting to other people.

4) Elevate Your Wardrobe
There’s a truth to the phrase “The clothes make the man.” How we dress has a very real effect on how we go about our lives, and dressing better may boost self-esteem. Dressing better doesn’t mean going out and buying a new wardrobe; instead, take some time to really, really put a nice outfit together. This can be in the morning or (better yet) the night before. Keeping your closet organized makes this a thousand times easier—here’s our guide to closet organization.