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Tumblers (flat-bottomed drinking glasses) can house a variety of drinks – from non-alcoholic beverages like juice, iced tea and water to mixed drinks, whiskey and liquor.

For those who want to keep it simple, one tall tumbler and one short tumbler along with a set of shot glasses should suffice.

Table Glasses

These glasses are designed to be durable. They are less likely to slip out of your hands or break upon hitting the floor. A wide variety of drinks can be consumed from such glasses.

Highball Glasses

Highball glasses are meant to serve drinks consisting of a combination of base spirit and non-alcoholic mixer, such as scotch and soda. They are tall in height and have straight sides.

Collins Glasses

Although extremely similar in look and purpose to the highball glass, Collins glasses are narrower and harder to come by.

Lowball Glasses

Also known as Old Fashioned glasses, these short tumblers have thick rims and bases. They are meant to serve mixed drinks or anything with ice cubes (a.k.a. “on the rocks”) such as whiskey, bourbon and scotch.

Shot Glasses

The smallest glasses of them all, these are meant for pure liquor or spirits – to be consumed straight up or measure and then pour into a cocktail.

Some glasses require hand washing, while others are dishwasher safe.

To wash crystal and other such delicate glasses, use warm soapy water and a sponge. For tough stains, use a decanter & glass cleaning brush.

Use a lint-free cloth or allow for air drying, right side up. For superior results, use a microfibre cloth specially developed for use with glassware. This will ensure they are free of streaks and unwanted residue. Drying mats, which allow air circulation for minimal water spots, are also a wise investment.