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Serving beverages from an eye-catching pitcher will add style and class to any gathering. From sleek and modern to colourful and kitschy, you’ve got tons of options to choose from.

Decanters are stopper glass vessels used to serve wine or whiskey. They remove sediment (which separates and settles at the bottom) and add aesthetic value. Nowadays, decanters come in a wide variety of unique shapes and sizes.

The majority of pitchers are dishwasher safe and therefore simple to care for.

Decanters are a different story, as their narrow necks and breakable more delicate nature make them quite difficult to wash. Begin by using a cleaning solution along with a “scrubber” such as salt or crushed ice. Mix them together and then let the solution. Once stains have loosened, use a decanter & glass cleaning brush with clean soapy water and rinse. Also available on the market are special decanter cleaning beads, they do a great job of removing the small residue that may remain at the bottom or on the sides of your decanter.

To dry, use a paper towel. Or, for a simpler solution, purchase a decanter dryer – which will prevent scratches, reduce water stains and securely hold your decanter upside down (reducing likelihood of breakage).