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Although etiquette experts say you aren’t required to bring anything to a party (be it housewarming, dinner, going away or tea) unless you’ve been asked, many people feel there’s never a reason to show up empty-handed.

A gift (no matter how small or inexpensive) is a socially recognized expression of gratitude – and therefore a nice way to thank the host/hostess for having you. They’ve gone through the effort of planning the event, preparing the food, setting up … the least you can do is bring a token of your appreciation.

While most people opt for wine or flowers, who says you can’t say “thank you” with a beautiful cutting board or colourful kitchen towels? If the party is a bit more elaborate or commemorating a milestone – such a your friend moving into her first home – you’ll probably want to go with something more substantial (especially if you’re close). A special photo frame, vase or nut bowl are all lovely ideas. If you find an expensive item you know your host/hostess would adore, ask other attendees if they’d like to go in on it with you. One larger present that they’ll get good use from, compared to several smaller, less useful items, is clearly the more favorable option.

Birthdays are a time to honor the day we came into the world and celebrate being another year older. It’s a special time when we receive well wishes from acquaintances along with cake and presents from those we’re more intimate with.

When selecting a birthday present make sure to find something that pertains to the recipients’ likes, interests or hobbies. If your brother is passionate about fine wines, a glassware collection along with a decanter, bottle toppers and wine thermometer from your whole family would be lovely. If your childhood friend is a world-class traveler, a package including an Eiffel Tower frame wire, a Chrysler building figurine, photo album and serving tray that will allow her to display her best photos from your group of girlfriends would be great.

If you don’t know much about the birthday boy or girl, ask someone who does. This way, you can pick out something that seems relevant to their unique personality. It’s still a good idea to keep it relatively basic though (for instance, instead of giving an ornate gold-plated frame, select a simpler silver one).

Wedding anniversaries are a time to celebrate your relationship; reflect on your shared past and look towards your future. From the Middle Ages onwards, we honour these special milestones with particular gifts on specific anniversaries (eg. 5th – wooden, 15th – crystal, 25 – silver,50 -gold).

Although it’s nice to acknowledge this ritual, you should feel free to do it in your own way. For example, on your first wedding anniversary the traditional recommendation is paper and the modern one is a clock. A paperweight along with customized stationery or a table clock or clock watch would be lovely.

Here’s another example of how you can tweak this tradition: for your golden wedding anniversary (50 years) instead of buying something gold, simply present whatever you select in a gold gift bag or wrap it in gold paper.

Buying wedding presents is often a challenging task.

Knowing what the couple wants and needs, how much to spend, what gifts are appropriate for each occasion and when to give them are all questions we’ll help you with in this section.

Thankfully, wedding registries make the whole process much simpler. They allow the couple to select the particular items they want, therefore taking the guesswork out of the present-picking process. Either select one item within your budget or put a certain amount towards something a bit more expensive (to keep it personal).

If the couple is having an engagement party, a gift is nice but certainly not obligatory. If you don’t want to show up empty-handed, go with a small, reasonably priced present, like wine and liquor stoppers or napkin rings.

For the bridal shower, practical items such as utensils and bowls are appropriate. If there’s something on the registry that you really want to get them but can’t afford on your own (like a mixer or an espresso maker), go in on it with other invitees.

The wedding gift, not surprisingly, should be the most significant. Selecting something beautiful that the couple wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves (like a set of knives or a vacuum cleaner). Special pieces – like an elegant tray (for a couple who will entertain) or a high quality kettle (for people who love tea) are excellent options.

If you go with a gift that isn’t on their registry, it’s always ideal to refer to the couple’s registry to get a better feel for their taste (those who prefer traditional won’t be happy with something modern and vice versa) and the types of items they’re interested in.

Baby showers are held before or subsequently after the birth of a child. Along with sharing tips and sending well-wishes to the new or soon-to-be mother, friends and family members present presents such as baby blankets, clothes and toys – typically to the new or soon-to-be mother. Although we don’t offer a wide selection of baby gifts, the items we do have are sure to be a big hit with both baby and parents. See for yourself: // and //