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Trudeau set of 6 fondue forks
It isn’t a fondue party without the forks. Introducing Trudeau’s Set of 6 Fondue Forks, a classy set of utensils that will add to the fondue fun. Each fork is made of stainless steel and has a touch of color for flair. So...
Wildly Delicious greek oregano & lemon bread dipper
A smart choice when you want to add a little flavor and excitement to any slice of bread, this Wildly Delicious Roasted Greek Oregano & Lemon Bread Dipper is a unique and impressive taste. Spice up the mundane and indulge with this zero...
Trudeau Fondue Strainer
Exhausted to always try to find your meat or vegetable pieces  at the bottom of your fondue pot? Here is the perfect solution! The Trudeau fondue strainer will allow you to recover easily all your food in the pot.  The hook...
Jumbo Sea Salt 567 Grams
Sea Salt in glass bottle with cork top 567Grams
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