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Twisting Tea Ball
Twisting feature makes filling with a large amount loose leaf tea a breeze. Long, stainless steel neck accommodates most cups and mugs. Works with all loose leaf teas and is also great for herbs and spices. Soft, comfortable, non-slip...
Le Creuset French Press Marseille
Enjoy coffee, espresso and cappuccino in color with Le Creuset’s new Cafe Collection. Some say coffee prepared in a French press is the way every cup should be savored. Coarsely ground coffee beans are steeped in boiling water, and...
SodaStream Gingerale Syrup 500ml
SodaStream's Ginger Ale is naturally flavoured and one 500mL bottle can make up to 12 litres (50 servings) of carbonated drink.
Grindenstein knock box collection
For everyone who makes espresso coffee at home, the Grindenstein knock box solves the extremely messy problem of removing the used grinds from your espresso machine's portafilter. Just turn your portafilter upside down over your...
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