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Maxwell & Williams Infusions Teapot 1.2l Back
Maxwell & Williams Infusions teapot is the perfect companion for the tea break. The superb coating and unique color make this teapot a visually interesting item. This elegant teapot has a capacity of 1.2L and is resistant to hot water.
SodaStream Diet Gingerale Syrup 500ml
SodaStream's Diet Ginger Ale is naturally flavoured and one 500mL bottle can make up to 12 litres (50 servings) of carbonated drink.
Alessi bird-whistling kettle
A kettle doesn’t have to be hidden in the kitchen. Be proud of this stylish, presentable Whistling Kettle. Feel confident serving out of this impressive kettle right at the table. Its delightful whistle sound lets you know when...
Bodum Assam Tea Press Red 1L
The Assam is the most sold tea maker in the Bodum tea maker collection. The handle is fixed to the heat resistant glass with high-tech glue to provide a secure and easy grip when pouring your hot aromatic tea. The unique Bodum...
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