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Ravi Wine Iceberg Wine Chiller

Regular Price: $19.95

Special Price: $14.95

Easy to use, the Wine Iceberg will keep your wine bottle as cold as an ice bucket, and keep your table dry and clean, no ice cubes, no mess.
Cool Kitchen Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener
Cool Kitchen Rechargeable Wine Bottle Opener Silver allow you to open a wine bottle easily. Standby base charger and foil cutter included. Just press the button cork will lift. Press the other way and cork will fall out.
Wine Away Stain Remover 2oz
This all-natural, non-toxic stain remover makes wine stains – and practically any others – disappear. Use it on clothing, upholstery and carpets, even white fibers like cotton and linen tablecloths! Clean citrus scent.
Schott Zwiesel Forte Stem Glass Collection
Schott Zwiesel products are well known for their unique design and quality. In fact, due to Tritan technology, the glass composition of Schott Zwiesel Forte wine glass collection has no lead. It has been replaced by Titanium and thus...
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