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WMF Jette wine decanter
The WMF Jette wine decanter gets thumbs up for beauty, value and functionality. This hand-blown decanter features an angled pour spout that creates a stunning effect. Decanting exposes the wine to more oxygen, thus allowing the bouquet...
WMF Easy Pour decanter
This elegantly designed WMF Easy Pour decanter is the highlight of the range with its sleek lines and gentle curves. Its long straight neck and rounded base is ideal for optimal aeration to ensure proper breathing and release of delicate...
Bossa Nova Carafe
This beautiful pitcher is produced in the basket-weave pattern known as Dancing Stars Bossa Nova. It is a great addition on the diing table or perfect to offer as a gift.
Riedel Cornetto Single Decanter
With its graceful, asymmetrical profile and sweeping neck, the Riedel Cornetto decanter is a gorgeous way to improve the wine-drinking experience. Crafted by the world's most renowned manufacturer of wine ware, the piece is mouth-blown...
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