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Michael Aram Gooseberry Frame Collection
The Gooseberry Collection was inspired by the delicate beauty found in naturally decaying foliage. With the gooseberry in particular, the lace-like pattern bring elegance to this collection.
Michael Aram Heart Photo Frames
The Heart Collection takes its inspiration from the imagery that floats around classic storytelling.
Mirage Honeycomb Frames
Retro yet modern hexagonal patterns decorate this glitzy and stylish photo frame. This elegant frame comes with a wood backing. It can be placed in a portrait or landscape position.
Vera Wang Grosgrain Double Frame 5 x 7"
Inspired by the subtle romantic touches that renowned New York designer Vera Wang uses to trim her world-famous bridal gowns, the Grosgrain Collection reflects designs from the namesake dinnerware pattern. Turn memories into treasures...
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