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Corkscrews are a staple in most bars. They are designed specifically to open bottles capped with cork (which is wedged in extremely tight and nearly impossible to remove any other way). Most corkscrews are “twist & turn,” but hassle-free automatic options are also available.

Wine stoppers are used to seal uncorked bottles of wine and prevent them from spoiling. They come in a wide array of shapes, sizes and materials.

Ice buckets allow you to keep bottles out yet still chilled. Insulated on the inside to prevent ice from melting, they are practical and will add aesthetic value to any table. They can also serve ulterior uses as vases, risers and even ice servers.

Wine markers are especially useful when hosting large parties. They allow guests to identify their glasses (which would otherwise all look the same). Available in various forms - from rings with charms to small silicone figures – they also make for great gifts.

Wine chillers that instantaneously take wine from room temperature to the proper serving temperature.
Corkcicle wine chillers, which allow you to keep bottles cool without the use of an ice bucket.
Trays, coasters, stir sticks, glass drying mats, zest tools … and more!