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Start a present box, drawer or closet.

Having a stash of presents (along with cards, gift bags and/or scissors, tape, wrapping paper and ribbons) on hand is an excellent idea. That way, if you get invited to a last-minute party or want to acknowledge someone’s generosity while they’re over, you can quickly and easily put something together.

Stock up on items that will appeal to a wide range of people, such as photo frames, bowls and gift cards.

Buy presents as you find them instead of right before you need them.

Just because your sister’s birthday is months away or it’s summer when you come across the most fitting Christmas gift for your grandmother doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy it.

Picking up presents as you come across them is something we think more people should do! Not only does it take the stress out of shopping (eliminating the need for last-minute scrambling), it also increases the likelihood that the recipient will be pleased with your purchase. And while you can’t do it for weddings you don’t yet know about or housewarming parties that haven’t yet been planned, it’s entirely appropriate for yearly occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Create a personalized gift made up of an assortment of items.

This is an especially lovely way to infuse a present with an extra dose of thoughtfulness. It not only shows that you know the person well, but also that you care enough to go that extra mile for them.

Get creative and have fun with it. For your foodie uncle, put together a gift basket filled with homemade cookies and squares and a nice new kitchen apron, oven mitts and kitchen towels. For your niece who is moving into her first apartment, a bathroom-themed assortment – bathrobe, towels and shower curtain is an adorable idea. For your jewellery-loving girlfriend, a jewellery tree, ring holder and hanging jewelry organizer are sure to be a huge hit.


Want to get someone something but have a limited knowledge of what they want or need? Then go with a gift card! They’re convenient, thoughtful and easy to redeem.

Giving someone a gift card means you don’t have to go through the trouble of picking something out … only for it to potentially be returned. It also ensures that as opposed to being stuck with something they aren’t crazy about, the recipient will get to select exactly what they’d like, at a time and in a manner that’s most convenient for them.