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Select your pillow according to the way you sleep.

For those who sleep on their stomach or those with smaller frames, a soft and low profile pillow is ideal. For back sleepers, a medium pillow with a medium profile is the best option. For side sleepers or those with larger frames, choose a firm and high profile pillow.

Just like with comforters and duvets, there are various types of filler for pillows.

  • Feathers and down: Pillows filled with feathers or down are softer and puffier. The quantity of down or feathers makes the difference. And the more there are, the better.
  • Polyester: Pillows filled with polyester fibers are durable and inexpensive. They are easily washable and are a good option for sensitive or allergy prone people.
  • Silk: Silk pillows are breathable, lightweight and will fit to your neck morphology. They are an excellent option for summer months.
  • Memory foam: These pillows are firm and mould perfectly to the shape of your head and neck for remarkable support. Tempur-Pedic pillows are made of memory foam.