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Thread count refers to the quality of linens – specifically, the number of threads woven together per square inch. The more threads there are per square inch of fabric, the higher the silkier and more durable they’ll be. Generally, luxurious linens are thought to have a thread count of at least three hundred.

Each of the following fabrics offer a unique set of benefits. Once you pinpoint what you’re looking for, use this guide to find the option that meets your expectations:

  • Cotton
    Cotton is known for its softness and weightlessness. Although it creases easily, it is a breathable fabric that allows for a comfortable sleep. For a softer and smoother texture, opt for brushed cotton (which is treated to remove all excess lint and fibers).
  • Egyptian cotton
This type of cotton is made from cotton seeds that originate from Egypt. The fabric is known for its silky texture and durability.
  • Linen
    Linen is recognized for its lightness and durability. Ideal for both summer and winter months, it becomes softer over time and has an impressive capacity for absorption.
  • Bamboo
    Sheets made from bamboo fibers are extremely comfortable and ideal for people with skin allergies. Another draw is that bamboo has antibacterial properties. Additionally, this fiber is environmentally friendly (as it comes from a sustainable resource and is manufactured without chemical treatments). In terms of texture, it is often compared to silk.
  • Flannel
    Flannel is a fabric made from cotton that has been brushed gently to extract the fiber, giving it a softer texture. This fabric is sure to keep you warm during our cold Canadian winters.
  • The polyester
    Polyester is a synthetic fiber. Although not thought of as the most comfortable fabric, it is very affordable and will last through many cleanings.

Before buying your bedding, take note of the exact dimensions of your mattress. You should know both its size (twin, double, queen or king), and thickness.

This grid shows the standard sizes provided by Linen Chest. (although the magnitudes are subject to differ from one collection to another).

Maintenance Tips & Tricks

  • If you wash your sheets in cold water, you should wash them every week. If you wash them in hot water, opt for every two weeks.
  • Read the instructions on your laundry detergent and bedding before washing. Make sure the two are compatible.
  • It is suggested that you wash duvets, pillows and comforters approximately every six months, or as indicated. You should also air them out regularly.
  • Make sure your sheets are perfectly dry before storing them to steer clear of mold and mildew.