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Fully Automatic
Commonly referred to as bean-to-cup, these machines do all the work for you. Simply insert the beans and add water. Within minutes your delightful, fully customized beverage will be ready to devour.

Some models come with milk containers that produce steamed and frothed milk, automatic rinsing systems, Thermablock technology for even heat distribution and various coffee strengths and size settings.

Semi Automatic
The main difference between fully automatic and semi automatic machines is that with the latter, you decide when to turn the pump on and off.

That means you have to learn when there is enough espresso in your cup, and the pump should be turned off. A few tries and you should be able to master the “art.”. Note: for a double shot, it takes about 20-25 seconds.

Manual machines, or lever espresso machines, are for coffee lovers who don’t mind putting in the time (and who possess the knowhow) to create that perfect espresso shot. These machines are not for those who don’t have the time or desire to master the skill necessary to use them properly.

If you want something convenient but don’t want to compromise on taste, a capsule espresso machine is the way to go. They make beautiful single cup beverages quickly and easily, and look sleek and stylish on any countertop.

In terms of variety they offer a wide range of flavours, and new capsules are introduced regularly.

Capsule espresso machines have several innovative and practical features including energy efficiency, different brewing modes, instant frothing devices, volume control and one button cleaning.

Amp up the “mmm” (and presentation) factor of your coffee or chocolate beverages with a milk frother. They’ll produce a smooth, creamy topping -- the piece de resistance to the perfect cuppa.

Regular maintenance is essential. Following these instructions will extend the life of your machine:

  • • Clean the coffee pot - and heating plate beneath it – with a nonabrasive cleaner
  • • Wash metal filters and baskets to eliminate buildup
  • • Cleaning tablets (available for purchase) are a faster, easier option
  • Descaling
    Minerals present in tap water - including calcium and magnesium - accumulate in coffee machines in the form of sediment. Descaling products are formulated specifically to target this pesky problem. They remove buildup and should be used as often as necessary (depending on the quality of your water).

In addition, you can buy water filters for certain espresso machines and special cleaning tablets designed to remove coffee oils and residues.