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Loofah Bath Mitt
Get a beautiful skin with our loofah mitt! 100% natural, use it on your body to exfoliate the rough skin, while massaging and improving circulation so your skin is clean, smooth and firm.
Satin Sleeping Mask
This satin and velvet eyemask is perfect for sleep. Comes in a gift box and is perfect for stocking stuffer.
Satin Ice Packs
This small icepack is great for headaches, minor injuries, toothaches and more! (Red, Gold or Silver)   Once your order has been placed, please send us an email at with your color preference. Please make sure...
Foot Massager Black IC0910
This new foot massager offers two types of massage systems. The foot massage wrap around your feet to provide a soothing foot massage experience like being massaged by human hands in the comfort of your home.
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